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About Us

churchAbout First Christian Church

Our church was founded in London in 1865. We have been a faithful witness for Jesus Christ since then. Our Sunday services feature expositional preaching, multi-instrument music ministry, weekly communion, children’s church and a nursery for both Sunday School and Worship. Here are some specific distinctives of who we are as an evangelical bible-based independent Christian church.

  • We are an independent Christian Church. We do not belong to any denomination. We are congregationally led and entirely autonomous from any denominational structure.
  • We are a Bible-based church and accept the scripture as authoritative and correct in all matters believing it to be the inspired Word of God.
  • As believers we treasure our relationship with Jesus Christ and advocate each person having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • We practice believers baptism by immersion.
  • We celebrate communion weekly.
  • Men and women participate equally in the leadership of the church. We have male and female elders and deacons.
  • We believe the study of God’s word is very important and as a result have regular bible studies on Wednesday nights and Sunday school. 
  • We go to God in prayer in our services and in our private lives. We seek God’s guidance and direction in all things.
  • We love music! We have a lot of it in our services of all kinds! You are likely to hear our grand piano and pipe organ one minute followed by banjos and electric guitars and drums the next! We have lots of talented musicians and singers and are always welcoming more folks with those gifts.
  • Our pastor preaches expositionally from the Bible and calls upon everyone to become a born again Christian through a public profession of faith followed by believers baptism by immersion.
  • There is NO DRESS CODE at our church. Come as you are. Suits and ties and jeans and cowboy boots are equally acceptable. Wear what suits you. What matters is that you come to God’s house to praise Him and His Son Jesus Christ.
  • We are a growing and changing congregation! We are continually asking God what it is He wants us to do to bring Jesus to people. We are not afraid to try new things.
  • We are a “reaching out” church. We reach out to help others both here in London and farther away on mission trips. The sidewalk outside our front door is a mission field so be prepared to reach out to others !

If this all sounds interesting to you then come and visit with us. We would love to have you worship with us next Sunday at 10:30am. If you’ll call ahead and tell us you’re coming we’ll have someone waiting at the door who will sit with you during the service and make you feel at home with our church family. Serving Jesus is such a wonderful thing. In fact, it’s the only thing that gives our lives any lasting meaning. We invite you to come and serve Jesus with us.

Bless you,
Jonathan Carmack
Senior Minister