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Waiting Well

Tony Evans wrote a devo called Waiting Well where he discussed one of the most difficult things that people around the world struggle with that God used to speak to me in my devo time. I wanted to share this encouraging thought provoking word from Dr. Evans.  I pray it blesses you as much as…

Outrageous Grace (Disney World story)

One of my favorite illustrations is found in a book titled proof from author Timothy Paul Jones.  He wrote, I never dreamed that taking a child to Disney World could be so difficult — or that such a trip could teach me so much about God’s outrageous grace. Our middle daughter had been previously adopted…

The Little Boy who built a Sailboat

       A favorite story of mine is the little boy who built a sailboat. He built the sail and had it all fixed up, tarred and painted. He took it to the lake and pushed it in hoping it would sail. Sure enough a wisp of breeze filled the little sail and it…

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