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By: Jonathan Carmack


If I’m being honest, if I’m not careful, this is me in a nutshell. I mean seriously! I get to watching a tv show and it takes over my life. I need to do my work, but big brother just came on or VeLora wants me to take the trash out but its right in the middle of The Flash so I put it off and forget to do. I understand I can pause it but I don’t want to. I feel like what Oscar Wilde said   “I can resist everything except temptation.”–Oscar Wilde

Here is the thing though, I’m sure in a sense we can all relate, whether it be tv shows, sports events, working out, or even playing video games. Where there is something we want that takes precedent over something we need, it can become a big problem in our life, especially our Christian Walk. How many times have you put off getting into the word of God because you didn’t have time? Yet, you had time to watch multiple episodes of your favorite tv show on Netflix?

Often times, we say we are so busy and just can’t make time, but the key in that statement is “make time.” Sports, TV, Video Games, etc. are not bad things, but when they are used to take us away from our spiritual needs, they are temptations. Temptations that hold us back from Jesus.

Scripture tells us all about Jesus and how Jesus is better and makes us better.  In fact, from the Old testament to the New testament it points to the fact that humanity needed all along, He was who we needed and was better than anyone before or after. In fact, scripture in a nutshell is, God loved us, we fall short of his glory, we continue to fall short, but because he loved us he sent us his son who was better and brought us hope and grace.

Today I want to remind you that throughout scripture man failed miserably, from Adam and Eve taking the apple, to Samson breaking all three covenants with God, to Peter denying Jesus but common denominator of all of these stories was that Jesus was better. Those stories didn’t end with failure but redemption, all because of Jesus. So, as we reflect on that wonderful truth, be reminded that you don’t have continue doing the same thing, rather, embrace the one who was better to change us from the inside out.  Instead of watching three episodes of you favorite show, prioritize time with the Lord, ask him what he is calling you to do and be obedient. It’s easy to allow temptation to derail us, but if we lean on Jesus, he will guide us and make our paths straight so that we can be better in Him.