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Margaret Adams



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Margaret Adams had the title of oldest member at First Christian Church for many years. She would always tell me that she was born into First Christian Church as she had the baby dedication certificate to prove it. Margaret was a member at First Christian Church for over 95 years and a staple to the Julia Jackson Circle.  There are so many accolades I could mention about Margaret wonderful life, but the most important thing to me was she was my friend and sister in Christ.

I will never forget the first time I met Margaret, wondering to my self, ” who is that old lady flying down the sidewalk in her scooter?” Margaret was never one to allow obstacles to stop her from doing what she wanted to do and I was soon to find that out firsthand as I was named Pastor at First Christian Church in September of 2014. Margaret quickly introduced herself to me and from that point on we were no longer strangers, I was her pastor. She was quick to let anyone who was around know that.

During our visits, I learned so much about Margaret from her love for reading to her wonderful gift of art. Throughout her apartment were paintings of her life that she had painted as snippets of her treasured memories. I still can see the painting of her late son Freddy in his graduation picture, or of Freddy as a child sitting on his Great Grandpas porch, to Margaret’s granddaughter Cindy with a doll in hand. Each painting had a story, and Margaret was always one to tell a good story, especially about the things she loved so dear.

As I remember my friend today, I can’t help but think of her love for her family, her love for First Christian Church, and her love for God. Even in her final days her faith never did waiver. She clung to a picture of Jesus and even more tightly to her faith in his promises. It is in the promises of the Father that we all find peace in times we say good -bye to loved ones. It is in the promise of eternity, the promise of no tears, and the promise of a home prepared for all those who call Jesus their Lord and Savior that we can hold onto for peace and comfort. As Paul tells us, we shouldn’t mourn the same way the world does! Death has surely lost it’s sting and because of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we can rejoice in what tomorrow brings.

Margaret Yaden Adams was born on December 21, 1923 and passed away from this life on Friday, October 4th 2019.


By: Jonathan Carmack