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As I meditated on what to talk to you about, my heart has been heavy because in a times like this, we hope to see unity amongst our great nation. But it is apparent more than ever that our country is more divided than ever. I don’t want to be completely negative, I realize many have come together and it truly is beautiful to see, however, it has also caused quite a bit of division.  Reactions have varied from those who are furious with our governing officials for putting us on lockdown, to those who are terrified for their lives. It seems that some from both sides are pointing fingers of blame and it truly saddens me. So I do feel like in this meditation during this trying season I speak biblical truth to lean on for those who are worried and biblical truth to bring understanding to those who don’t understand church closings. I do feel it is necessary we address both sides of the spectrum in hopes of bringing us together because now more than ever we need the Body of Christ to share God’s love and wisdom.

First off I want to speak to those who don’t understand why churches are closing, and the answer is simple, it is biblical. We are to respect our governing authorities and be obedient to their rule. Paul speaks o this in Romans 13.  

13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 

Paul tells us here in Romans 13 that anyone who has been given authority has been allowed so by God. Does this mean they are perfect? Absolutely not! Does this mean that you have to agree with them? Absolutely not. But as believers in Christ, we are to do what is right, and what is right is to be obedient and subject to the governing authorities.

Like it or not, We have been advised by both Governor Andy Bashear and our President Donald Trump who are on two different isles of politics. They are advising us for the safety of you and I and our neighbors. There is a reason that they have advised us to have less than 10 people in a room together, therefore, instead of rebelling against their wisdom, let us celebrate a world where we can still worship with one another while being in the confines of our homes. Let us take advantage of our resources through facebook and youtube to fellowship with one another while subjecting to our governing officials. 

Disclaimer: In our great nation you have the choice to decide on what advise you will listen to. Therefore, it truly is your choice and I would never tell you what to do. I am only wanting to explain why many churches have chosen to be obedient to our leaders advice in pushing our services online and not worshiping together. I feel it is important to know that pastors and church elders and deacons across the world are having to make tough decisions about worship. I can only speak on behalf of myself, but I believe all would agree in saying our God is bigger then this virus and this decision has nothing to do with lack of faith and more to do with what we feel is the right thing to do.

Speaking of faith, I also want to address those who are in fear and understandably so. This is a fearful time for many across the world. However, I do want to encourage you as brother and sisters in Christ that we can declare in Jesus name and rebuke that spirit of fearfulness. I know I mentioned this Sunday but I want to share again the teaching from Pauls letter to Timtohy in 2 Timothy 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Church we are not afraid, for God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear which means that spirit does not come from him. The fear Paul is talking about is the unknown. Our God is in control and that fear should have no place in our lives, why because Our Father equips us with the spirit of power, love and sound mind. Strength through our faith in Jesus Christ and his word in times such as these.  An understanding of the Love that our God has for us as we know that he takes care of the birds and they do not worry for a meal, therefore, we do not worry because we know our Father is in control and he loves us. And lastly a spirit of sound mind which is another word for wisdom. So believers across the world, lean on what the word says and use all the information at your disposal as God will guide your discernment through his Holy Spirit. Remember, knowledge is no wisdom, wisdom is when you use the knowledge you are given.

In closing I pray in Jesus Name that we rebuke the fear of the unknown, and declare strength, love, and wisdom from our Father in heaven. 

Be Blessed and trust in the Lord with all your heart, 

Pastor Jonathan