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Power of Routine

Power of Routine (Part 4)

During our discussion about the power of routine, we have talked about spiritual disciplines that will impact our lives from being in God’s word, to praying, to fasting. Throughout the weeks we have asked ourselves essential questions that will tell us if we are on path of moving forward with our walk with Christ or…

Power of Routine (Part 3)

When I was younger, I loved to play baseball and there was a time that my coaches tried to put me on the mound as a pitcher. They soon found out this was a mistake. To be clear, I had a pretty good arm, but my accuracy was not what you would call pin point….

Power of Routine ( Part 2)

Have you ever heard the song different by Micah Tyler? I love that song! I love the message of the song. I want to be different, I want to be changed. God I want my life to praise your name, so that when people see me, they see you in me. The message of that…