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World Chicken Festival


Another September has passed, as well as this years World Wide Chicken Festival in Laurel, Kentucky. This event has always brought pride to our hometown and brings people from all over to visit our little slice of heaven in London, Kentucky.

First Christian Church is located in the middle of downtown London, which is where all the festivities take place at the World Wide Chicken Festival. We use this convenience as a way to serve our community with the opening our fellowship hall to Vendors, as well as access to our parking lots. But more than anything, we use this time to serve our community with love as the money that the Festival brings our church is put right into the ministry of giving out free water to all who come by.

This is something our church is proud to do, but not to spread the word about our church, but the word of the Gospel. While we may be giving free water away, there is an even more important water that we want those who come by to know about. That water is the living water, that we are given freely from the Father through his son Jesus Christ. This is the water that we want to spread to those at the Chicken Festival and around the world.

Every year, the chicken festival serves as a reminder to our congregation of the importance of spreading the love of Jesus Christ to all those we come to know. One day I hope that you may visit us at our little slice of heaven during Chicken Festival week but more importantly I pray that you spend each day sharing the truth about the living water of Jesus Christ.


by: Jonathan Carmack